Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after his farts caught fire

Florida strikes again! It is being reported that a 37 years old man died after his trailer home was set on fire. The man used to cook meth in his trailer home and it was set on fire when the guy tried to light up his farts to amuse his wife. The “fire farts” got out of control and set the whole trailer on fire, causing his death.

The man’s wife was found lying naked on the couple’s front yard, reportedly still laughing. “A Blue Angel is when you put a lighter up to your and fart on it, making it catch on fire. It’s funny as s—,”explains the mans wife, who claims to be an expert on the subject.

“Normally we go to Del Taco because of their $0.59 tacos, but we made some extra cash this week so we went to Chipotle. The farts you get from there could fill a gas chamber. I know he’s looking up from laughing his off saying it was worth it,” she says smiling through blackened teeth, apparently not caused by the fire.

The woman plans on suing Chipotle, which failed to address their peppers causing a higher rate of methane in human farts. She offered a statement, “I’m not mad about my husband dying, I just got my eyebrows did and now they’re gone.” Chipotle Mexican Grill has yet to respond.

The wife was not harmed except she lost her eyebrows in the mishap that took the life of her husband.  She offered a statement: I’m not mad about my husband dying, I just got my eyebrows did and now they’re gone. Welcome to Florida, ladies and gentleman.


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