The Clinton News Network (CNN) has been caught AGAIN manipulating footage of Donald Trump to make him look like he is a racist. This problem seems to be a reoccurring one, which means these liberal media networks are coming to reality with the fact that Donald Trump is going to win this election.

Late Monday evening, CNN deliberately and purposefully misquoted Donald Trump during a Monday evening broadcast.

“But Israel has done an unbelievable job and they’ll profile. They profile. They see somebody that’s suspicious, they will profile. They will take that person in,” Trump said on Fox News Monday evening.
CNN ran the quote under the header, “Trump says racial profiling will stop terror,” but Trump never said the word “racial” in relation to profiling. Here is the actual screenshot of CNN literally misquoting Trump:
@CNN adds the word “racial” to Trump’s quote. Deeply irresponsible. Crosses the line. #Trump

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) September 19, 2016

Trump later spoke to Bill O’Reilly on the topic, and didn’t use “racial” during that conversation either. Although Trump didn’t specifically give away his playbook like Liberals want him to do, he mentioned an idea that may unfortunately have to be utilized in the future. If terrorist attacks continue and Americans are getting killed, why would you not explore every option to keep the people safe?
“It works. If we see somebody that we think could be a problem at airports and other places you talk to them and you see what’s going on. We don’t do that. Not much,” Trump said.
CNN was just caught last week editing Trump’s comments, and then on Saturday, they edited out the word “crooked” in a tweet that called for Hillary Clinton to release her full medical records.
The corrupt news network edited Clinton’s response to the NYC explosion to omit the word “bombing.” The quote came just before Clinton slammed Trump for calling the terror attack a bombing, claiming, “it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this.” Guess what, he was right–it was a bomb.
Liberals aren’t mad at what Trump is saying, they are mad that he is the one electrifying the country and not Hillary Clinton. They are mad because every time they analyze the latest polls, they see Trump is well on his way to a double digit lead.

Latest USC/LA Times Poll Showing Trump Dominating
CNN is also still extremely upset that Trump played them last week when he tricked them into giving him more than 30 minutes of free air time. Trump scheduled a press conference to discuss “Obama’s birtherism,” and when dozens of news outlets showed up, Trump actually used the entire 30 minutes of live coverage to acknowledge and thank our veterans.
Just to provide some context, the 30 minutes of airtime Trump got for free likely cost CNN more than $100,000.
Here is the video of Trump honoring our veterans while CNN is forced to admit that Trump outsmarted them yet again.

“I’m not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media,” said Donald J. Trump, exactly one month ago.
Everything the liberal media has done to this point has been dishonest and deceitful. Whether they are covering up Hillary’s health, corruption, lies, or latest scandal, they are spending millions on propping her up while trying to destroy Donald Trump. We are witnessing the collapse of journalistic integrity, and they are doing it to themselves.
When Trump becomes president, the media will be forced to cover him more honestly because he will have the power to pull their press credentials. Trump’s campaign spokespeople have indicated that when Trump wins, the media will be evaluated as a means to see who is covering the truth and reporting deceitful lies.
That doesn’t mean he is trampling on free speech or not allowing someone to voice their opinion–it means that if outlets like CNN continue to lie every single day and misrepresent the truth, their press credentials can be pulled from being allowed to visit the White House.
They can still cover him and write mean, untrue articles, but they won’t be afforded the opportunity to come to the White House and ask him questions when all they are going to do is twist his words, lie, and misrepresent the truth. They will be forced to cover him more accurately because they cannot afford to miss out of covering the president at the White House.
As we saw with Brexit, when the people rise up together, they can take their country back. We cannot allow this country to continue down this irreversible path. We have to get back to the principals our Founding Fathers afforded us, or this country will continue to suffer from political tyranny.

Liberals in this country are writing and saying the most vile things because they aren’t getting their way, and now they are losing. This movement has taken over the country. When you see a Trump rally, you should envision greatness and opportunity for this country. He embodies everything that made this country great, like Ronald Reagan did when our country desperately needed a leader during tough times.

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